I am now shipping internationally. Shipping for one item can be found by clicking on more destinations at the top end of the listing and choosing your country. Combined shipping is very inaccurate and will look extremely high because it is designed for USPS and I use Canada Post mostly. If you are buying more than one item, and want to pay with PayPal, check out but do not pay till you receive a corrected invoice from me or pay and get a refund. If you use Google Wallet, checkout and I will make the correction before I submit the final charge. Most items are shipped airmail but if you aren't in a big hurry and want to save money, I will send you a surface shipping rate if you request one. Airmail to Europe is about 1 week, Australia-New Zealand is about 2 weeks, and Asia a little bit longer. Surface mail can take 4 to 6 weeks depending on your location. I do not make money on shipping and will give you the best rate I can. All taxes, customs and duties in your country are your responsibility.
You must check out of each store separately, choose Paypal as a payment option but do not pay. I will send you a combined invoice that you can pay via Paypal. If you prefer Google checkout over Paypal, please notify me of your preference. If you don't want to mess with that and trust me, check out of each store normally and pay. I will send you a refund for the shipping overcharge.
If an item shows $0.00 for shipping, it means shipping is included in the price of the item for the USA and Canada. Combined shipping of multiple items with shipping included will bring you a rebate after checkout. This could be a considerable amount as I charge only the actual expenses incurred in shipping. Should you need to return an item, any refunds will be reduced the amount of postage shown on your package when it arrives. If you combine a shipping included item with an item with shipping extra, your total cost will be fairly calculated. That has to be done on a case by case basis. You will be informed of the discount by email.